By: Abigail Gampher While the agricultural industry wanes,[1]the meat substitute industry steadily increases in profitability.[2] In 2018, fifty-five of the top one hundred restaurant chains served at least one entirely plant-based entrée.[3] As meat substitutes become more popular, many states are passing legislation to insulate their agricultural industries from the development of cell-cultured and plant-based […]

Libra Hangs in the Balance as Skepticism and Calls for Regulation Rise

By: Krishna Pathak On October 23, 2019, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, testified before Congress on a variety of issues, including Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency.[1] Libra and Calibra, Facebook’s Wallet, have been under scrutiny since the social media company’s June 2019 announcement.[2] Libra is intended to constitute a combination of global currencies, primarily U.S. Dollars.[3] Zuckerberg hopes […]

FTC’s $5 billion-dollar Facebook deal: a Pro or Con for Your Privacy Rights?

By: Neli Traykova The saga of Facebook’s privacy protection, or lack thereof, began in July 2012 when the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) charged Facebook with privacy related violations.[1] The resulting settlement included set prohibitions regarding consumers’ privacy and security, and a requirement that Facebook implement a privacy program.[2]After Facebook violated the 2012 FTC order, the Commission […]

Popsy, Pops, and the Rule of Law: SEC and DOJ Close in on Participants of a Global Insider Trading Ring

By: Janice Lopez On October 21, 2019, the Department of Justice unsealed an indictment against Benjamin Taylor and Darina Windsor for their involvement in an international insider trading ring.[1]  Taylor, a resident of France, and Windsor, a resident of Thailand, were investment bankers working in London.[2]  They were also a couple, referring to each other as Popsy […]

Should We Be Applauding the Downward Trend of White-Collar Criminal Prosecution?

By: Faiza Chappell White-Collar Crime is a catch-all phrase used to describe a type of crime that is committed by people in the corporate world.[1] Such crimes include tax evasion, insider trading, insurance fraud, bribery, embezzlement, and money laundering.[2] Most white-collar crimes are investigated and prosecuted by the government.[3] The leading federal agency that investigates […]

Free TV vs. Fee TV: Analysis of Broadcasting Companies’ Lawsuit Against Nonprofit Streaming

By: Leon Stern As technology is continually advancing and updating, so must the laws that regulate it. In July 2019, major broadcasting companies joined together and filed suit in the Southern District of New York against a streaming service run by the former Vice President of Law and Policy of DISH network.[1] The streaming service […]

Equal Pay for Better Play?

By: Elizabeth Farley Since 1985, the United States’ Women’s National Team has (“USWNT”) won the FIFA World Cup four times and earned four Olympic gold medals.[1] Players like Alex Morgan, Carly Lloyd, and Megan Rapinoe are some of the most recognizable and accomplished athletes in the United States and internationally.[2] Players on the women’s team […]