“Trust”ing in Illinois to Lead the Way

By Bianca Petcu In January 2017, the Illinois State Senate started hearings on Bill SB0031, otherwise known as the “Trust Act.”[1]  The Trust Act would prohibit state and local police in Illinois from arresting or detaining a person solely because of their immigration status, or based on a federal immigration detainer.[2]  By June, both the […]

Airport Face Recognition: Enhancing security or crumbling privacy?

By Nazaneen Pahlevani What if all you needed to travel was your face?[1]  The Federal government is testing facial recognition at American airports with Delta and JetBlue, directly participating.[2]  The whole idea is to get rid of boarding passes, speed up airport security, and increase the certainty of passenger identity. Additionally, the Department of Homeland […]

Moving Into The Mainstream: Esport’s Overwatch League Mandates Player Contracts

Source: Wikimedia Commons Marco Verch By Stephen Keegan This fall, players from across the globe will gather in California to compete in the newest World Cup: Blizzard’s unique, team-based video game, Overwatch. With a global appeal to rival European Football, and prize pools pushing into the multiple millions[1], esports are certainly more than just a […]

You Can’t Sue Someone for Satire, Bob.

By Stephanie Leacock Someone finally sued John Oliver, host of Home Box Office’s (“HBO”) weekly satirical news program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Last Week Tonight), for one of his biting monologues.[1]  Robert Murray, owner of multiple coal companies, filed a complaint in Marshall County Coal Co. v. John Oliver in the Circuit Court […]

More Than Cosmetic: Third Circuit Reverses Dismissal of CEPA Claim Against L’Oréal

By Erica Hughes On July 25, 2017, the Third Circuit held that terminating an employee for refusing to violate Rules of Professional Conduct can serve as a basis for a claim under the New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (“CEPA”).[1]  Steven Trzaska, a former attorney at L’Oréal USA, Inc., sued the company pursuant to the […]

The Battle for your iPhone’s Innards

Photo of Qualcomm ad taken by Theodore Sotland at the DuPont Circle Metro Station. By Theodore Sotland If you have ridden the Metro in Washington D.C. recently, there is a high chance that you have seen advertisements for Qualcomm, Inc. they bear down for a legal battle with Apple that will have far reaching implications in […]

FruitFly: The Malware That Should Convince Everyone to Cover Their Cameras and Corporations to Stop Covering Their Backs

Image Source: Portal Gda [https://flic.kr/p/WyiQEH] By Lucy Kelly Ransomware attacks have made headlines across the globe in recent months.[1]  While many of the biggest cyber-attacks make the news, a majority of attacks do not, or are broadcast to only a small subset of Americans.[2]  Currently, there is a patchwork of state and federal laws and […]

It Will be A Victory, but for Whom? The Battle Against Net Neutrality

By Dalisha Sturdivant The Trump administration has driven the crowd wild once again with its latest policy stance on net neutrality.[1] However, whether the noise being heard is tears of joy – or shrieks of agony – depends on what side of the issue you rest on.[2] On one side of the issue are the […]