Risky Business: A Closer Look at the May 2017 Cybersecurity Executive Order & Its Effects on Business

By Pritika Ramesh On May 11, 2017, President Trump signed an Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure[1] (“EO”). In the wake of recent cyber-attacks, such as WannaCry[2], cybersecurity vulnerability and risk management is essential to data security and privacy across the world.[3] The new EO is a step in […]

In Their Battle Over User Content, Law Enforcement Gains an Edge Over Technology Companies

By: Alexandra Foster On April 4, social media pioneer Facebook learned it does not have as much control over its users as it may have thought. In 381 Search Warrants Directed to Facebook, Inc. v. New York County District Attorney’s Office[2], the New York Court of Appeals upheld a search warrant for content of hundreds […]

Costco takes a stand against Golf Titan, Titleist

By: Eli Daniels You can follow Eli on Twitter @the_bookof_Eli The hottest golf ball on the market comes from a discount retailer, Costco.[1] In 2016, the wholesale club made a huge impact in the world of golf when it started selling its Kirkland signature golf balls.[2] Two dozen Kirkland golf balls sold for $29.99, or $1.25 […]

The IRS’s Struggle to Tax U.S. Multinational Technology

By: Brianna Schacter Last month the U.S. Tax Court ruled in favor of Amazon in a $1.5 billion tax dispute.[1] The dispute, centering on Amazon’s Luxembourg subsidiary office and its transfer pricing arrangements, is just the first in a series of tax cases being brought by the IRS against U.S. multinational companies.[2] Transfer pricing happens […]

The Business Implications of Disparate Impact’s Uncertain Future

By Conor Arpey As the Trump administration continues implementing its conservative agenda, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Justice (DoJ) may modify the landscape of Fair Housing Act (FHA) compliance for real estate professionals and fair housing advocates.[1] Charged with enforcing the FHA’s prohibition on housing discrimination based on […]

Disney Accused of Copying Idea For Zootopia Movie From Screenwriter After Alleged Pitch To Disney With Similar Characters, Concepts, and Exact Same Name

By Joshua Morris In 2016 Disney released the animated film Zootopia, which proved to be a success for the company.[1] The movie won has won a Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and grossed over a billion dollars through the film, video games, and other consumer products.[2] It was one of […]

Title IX and Transgender Athletes

By Carl Gaul Does Title IX guarantee transgender people the right to participate in athletics according to their gender identity? Can high schools and universities be held liable for barring a transgender woman from competing on a women’s team? Civil rights issues specific to transgender people are only just beginning to be addressed. Ambiguity as […]

Advertisement or Infringement: Coachella v. Urban Outfitters

By: Emily Wolfford Every year, thousands of celebrities and music lovers gather in Indio Valley, California, to experience six days of the world’s most popular music festival, Coachella.[1] Aside from the music, Coachella is a chance for these celebrities and fashion lovers to show off their best summer bohemian statement pieces.[2] In preparation for this […]