Court Packing? How About FEC Packing?

By: Kolton Whitmire The Biden administration has recently been under pressure to pack the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) with more pro-enforcement Democrats or Independents.[1] The timing of this pressure, no doubt, stems from frustration over a 2019 D.C. Circuit Court decision that determined an FEC’s non-enforcement decision was unreviewable by the courts.[2]Non-enforcement by the FEC has been […]

COVID-19’s Silver Lining: A New and Improved Health Care Distribution Method

By: Allison Bock Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic stimulated a significant increase in telehealth services, and patient privacy considerations came to the forefront as patient-consumers questioned the ability of privacy regulation to keep up with the industry’s digital growth.[1]  Health care industry actors thus have combined efforts to safeguard patient privacy rights given the […]

Pandemic Relief for Small Businesses: The Impact of Government Loans and the Barstool Fund

By: Zhuo Zhao After hitting the one-year mark on the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are still struggling economically to recover from the yearlong loss of income and the U.S. government is still struggling to effectively assist struggling businesses.  The Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) is a “loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep […]

Idaho’s Transgender Athlete Ban: Unintended Consequences

By: Declan Andersen In March 2020, the Governor of Idaho signed into law a bill (“HB 500”) that acts as a ban for transgender women and girls from competition with cisgender women and girls.[1] Barbara Ehardt, the Idaho State Representative who sponsored the bill, stated that the legislation aimed to protect the competitive balance of women’s sports.[2] Lindsay Hecox, a […]

Do the Banks Know? Banks’ Competing Interests Between Cannabis Risk Aversion & Consumers’ Desire to Buy Online

By: Lola Abdulai  In an ongoing case against a consultant, Hamid Akhavan, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York will determine whether Akhavan’s argument that banks had knowledge of online debit and credit card transactions for cannabis holds any water against his charge for bank fraud.[1] While Akhavan’s case is complicated by […]

Tripping Over TRIPS: How Adherence to IP Protections Limits Vaccine Accessibility and Hinders Economic Recovery

By: Alexandria Johnson A year ago, analysts predicted the transmission of COVID-19; now they’re predicting the dissemination of the vaccine. As countries worldwide seek to inoculate their populations, soaring demand and limited supply have left some countries out in the cold.[1] Experts use the term vaccine nationalism to describe the process by which governments enter […]

Towards a Framework to Measure Businesses’ Sustainability Initiatives in the United States

By: Kali Fleming American investors are increasingly interested in mandatory disclosure requirements for public companies’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) based data.[1]  ESG-based data “refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability of an investment” which can be determinative in the value that companies create for their stakeholders.[2]  The Securities and Exchange Commission […]