Leaving Turbulence Behind? The WTO’s Recent Ruling Amid Boeing and Airbus Dispute

By: Monica Fritsch On October 13, 2020, the World Trade Organization (“WTO”) ruled that the European Union may impose tariffs on approximately $4 billion worth of American products in response to illegal subsidies given to Boeing, an American aircraft manufacturer.[1]  The ruling confirmed that the United States failed to comply with WTO subsidy rules and […]

Civil Price Fixing Allegations Turned to DOJ Criminal Probes: How Can Poultry Companies Protect Their Business and Executives?

By: Kali Fleming Poultry companies have faced lawsuits and investigations concerning price fixing in the past, yet not much incriminating evidence has been found.[1]  In 2016, a civil class action lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, alleging that a number of the United States’ largest poultry companies “conspired […]

Just Kidding? Using Humor as a Way to Circumvent the Lanham Act’s Likelihood of Confusion Test

By: Demitri Dawson Trademark infringement may have just gotten a little easier.  Later this year, the Supreme Court is likely to hear arguments on Jack Daniel’s Properties Inc. v. VIP Products LLC.[1]  This case presents intriguing questions about the application of the First Amendment to the Lanham Act.[2]  VIP Products LLC (VIP) manufactures and sells […]

The Possible End of the Consumer Welfare Standard: How Congress’ Call for Antitrust Reform Will Hurt Big Business but Help Competition

By: Breann Bell In 2019, Congress opened a bipartisan investigation into the four major tech firms to address concerns about competition in digital markets and anticompetitive conduct.[1] Following the investigation, which included a hearing in which the CEOs of Apple, Alphabet (Google), Amazon, and Facebook were questioned by members of Congress about the practices and […]

Has the CFTC Finally Found a way to Protect the Futures Market from Over Speculation?

By: Aya Abdellatif While many may not understand the futures commodity market, it plays an important role in the lives of most Americans.[1] The futures commodity market is extremely important because of its effect on different prices of goods that are integral to the American economy including corn, coffee, gold, etc.[2] Recently, the Commodity Futures […]

Election Interference 2020: Microsoft’s New Legal Strategy Against Trickbot

By: Meghan Chilappa Foreign election interference ahead of the 2020 election is a substantial threat, with law enforcement and national security officials sharing their concerns.[1]  Cybersecurity firms and the U.S. government continue to dismantle cybercriminals that engage in ransomware attacks.[2]   On Monday, October 12, 2020, Microsoft VP Tom Burt shared that the company disrupted […]

Combatting Human Rights with Export Controls: Industry Implications of BIS’ Licensing Policy Changes Under the EAR

By: Poppy Doolan Concerns relating to China’s alleged human rights violations have been increasingly at the forefront of U.S. policymaking priorities.[1] In 2020, Human Rights Watch asserted that the Chinese Communist Party has suppressed political freedom, implemented high tech surveillance, and strictly censored its internet to maintain its power and control.[2] Human Rights Watch called […]