Internet Shutdown Litigation: How India and Chad are Moving the Needle for the Global Judiciary

By: Meghan Chilappa Internet shutdowns are on the rise globally, and they occur in autocracies like Iran and in democracies like India.[1]  The Software Freedom Law Center (“SFLC”), a prominent digital rights organization, emphasizes two key elements of an internet shutdown:  1) the government’s role (through direct orders to internet service providers (“ISP”)) and 2) […]

Visa Delays on H1-B and H-4 Holders in the Time of COVID-19: Employment Uncertainty

By: Eliza Collison As the COVID-19 pandemic looms, the immigration system continues to experience backlogs.[1]  Court closures means individuals with pending immigration cases, such as those facing removal orders, will not have a hearing any time soon.[2]  Immigration attorneys and federal employees are grappling with remote work and their own health.[3]  The closures of consulates […]

Legal Implications of the Turkey-Libya Maritime Border Agreement

By: Niall McMillan On November 27, 2019, Turkey and Libya’s UN-recognized Government of National Accord (“GNA”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“Memorandum”) that redraws and disrupts the eastern Mediterranean’s maritime boundaries.[1]  The new boundaries outlined in the Memorandum expressly contradict the territorial claims of other eastern Mediterranean countries.[2]  Since the Memorandum’s signing, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, the GNA’s […]

Why the Newly Ratified USCMA Should Urge Congress to Pass Uniformed Digital and Data Security Federal Laws

By: Charles Fraser On January 29, 2020, President Donald Trump signed into law the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (“USMCA”).[1] This agreement modernized the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) and contains provisions that reflect changes in society, especially regarding technology.[2]Moreover, the USMCA contains provisions in which the agreement mandates the three countries to create a legal framework […]

He Hononga ita tō te Tangata ki te Whenua me te Taiao: New Zealand’s Climate Change Legislation is an Example for the United States to Follow

By: Daniyal Hannan New Zealand’s Zero Carbon Plan  New Zealand is a small country in the south pacific known for its breathtaking landscape, peaceful people, and most importantly the set of the Lord of the Rings trilogies.  However, this country of only 4.8 million people is rallying together to pass legislation that is one of […]

Is Your Patient Information Still Protected During a Public Health Emergency?

By: Amy Rhoades In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Secretary of Health (“Secretary”) declared a limited waiver of certain privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Rule (“HIPPA Privacy Rule”) beginning on March 15, 2020.[1]  Issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) in 2002, […]