FCC Broadband Deregulation: Who Is the Real Winner?

By: Chris Jannace Maryland’s Montgomery County challenged a 2015 Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) order interpreting noncash and cable-related exactions as “franchise fees.”[1]  Federal law provides that annual franchise fees paid by a cable operator “shall not exceed 5 percent of such cable operator’s gross revenues” for that period.[2]  The Sixth Circuit concluded that the FCC […]

ESG: How Socially Responsible Investing is Shaking up the Corporate Fiduciary Duty

By: Carlos Micames Environmental, social, and corporate governance (“ESG”) investing has quickly grown to become a staple of most corporations’ business strategy.[1] The ESG label represents the 3 factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a company.[2] For example, ESG Exchange-traded funds (“ETF”) tend to consist of companies that are environmentally friendly or […]

MFW Rocked the Rules for Controller Takeovers in Delaware, will the Delaware Court of Chancery Apply that Same Revolutionary Framework to More Contexts?

By: Robert Lackey The Delaware Court of Chancery has given controlling shareholders a ticket to get out of entire fairness review for freeze-out mergers—but now that same ticket might get them out of entire fairness review in other contexts as well. For most of the past three decades, Delaware law required the Delaware Court of […]

Amidst Microsoft Inc. Winning the Department of Defense’s JEDI Contract, Oracle America Inc. Continues to Fight Against the Procurement Process

By: Charles Fraser On October 25, 2019, the Department of Defense (DOD) announced it had awarded its cloud computing solicitation, Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract (JEDI), to Microsoft Corporation.[1] Amazon was predicted to win the contract as both tech companies’ battled to provide a cloud computing software for the nation’s defense system.[2] Since the DOD’s […]