Comparing two regulatory approaches to Bitcoin

By: Elizabeth Nwabueze  On February 1, 2017, Switzerland’s seven-member Federal Council began consulting amendments to the country’s Banking Act and Banking Ordinance.[1] The meeting’s goal was to modify their existing Banking Act and Banking Ordinance, reduce market barriers, and improve competitiveness in the Swiss financial sector. This consultation will run until May 8 and will yield […]

Trump’s “Two-for-One” EO and its Impact on Small Business

By: Kalli Wells   On January 30, 2017 President Donald Trump issued an executive order (“EO”) designed to decrease regulation and control regulatory costs– ultimately promising that every new incremental cost that stems from regulation shall be offset by the deduction of associated costs to at least two previous regulations.[1] President Trump asserts that this […]

Apple and the Pandora’s Box of Publicity Rights

By: Vanessa Michaud On January 24th, 2017, Apple found out just how far down a slippery slope publicity rights can take it. Singer Jerome Lawson filed suit against the company in California Superior Court for violating his publicity rights in an advertisement.[1] Apple had used the song “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) by […]

Your Benz Robocar is Arriving…

By Julie Shursky Self-driving cars are coming, and your chances of experiencing a self-driving fleet just increased. On January 31, 2016, Uber announced its partnership with Daimler, the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer, to bring the German automaker’s self-driving vehicles on Uber’s ride-hailing network in the foreseeable future.[1] This partnership “marks the first time a major automaker will […]

Beam Me Up Elon

By: Ralph Bernard On Wednesday November 17, 2016, SpaceX took a step that might change how we access the Internet forever. On this day SpaceX filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) seeking government “permission to test a massive network of satellites that will beam Internet service down to Earth.”[1] SpaceX plans to […]

Will the President-elect use his power for personal gain? Analysis of the Trump trademark lawsuit in China

By: David Najera One of the many issues set off after Donald Trump’s surprising victory in the 2016 presidential race involves the registration of the trademark TRUMP in the People’s Government of China. On November 24, 2006, Dong Wei, a Chinese citizen, registered the mark TRUMP before the Chinese Trademark Office under the International Class […]

Up the Ante: Rumors Swirl of A Fantasy Sports Monopoly

By: Brian Tan   The Thanksgiving holiday is around the corner, and with the fall season comes a treasured American pastime: watching sports. Daily Fantasy Sports (“DFS”) websites have emerged as forums for sports fans to place bets and be engaged with the results of teams. Two leading DFS companies, DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel Inc., […]

Turning Riches to Rags: India Passes Legislation To Make Bank Notes Legally Worthless

By: Monisha Rao You can follow Monisha on Twitter @mrao27 On November 8, 2016, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the country’s two highest value bank notes would become legally worthless.[1] Anyone in possession of these 500 and 1,000 rupee notes will be left with two options: trade in the currency at a bank […]